Sunday, July 29, 2012

AJGA Golf...

I've said this plenty of times, I really enjoy shooting golf. I especially enjoy shooting golf when I have a couple of hours to spend shooting it. It gives me time to not only get the shots that I need, but also the ones I want to shoot. Spending a while on the course lets me find new places to shoot from and allows me to take a few chances and shoot from angles that may or may not work. But, when there isn't a time crunch I can afford for things not to work, allowing me another hole if I don't get the shot I want or it doesn't work out the way I want.
Last week I spent most of the afternoon covering the local kids at the Abilene stop for the Bob Estes AJGA junior at the Abilene Country Club's Fairway Oaks course. I did get kind of lucky with the guys that I was covering ending up in the sand a lot more than usual. Sand shots always make for decent photos. Then after that I was able to play around, let the golfers get ahead of me or shoot on the other sides of the trees etc. At the end of the three days I was happy with what I had and the slideshows I had produced. The only problem at the end was the lead group of guys didn't produce the winner since they all pretty much fell apart at the end of the round. Not a huge deal since none were local kids, if that was the biggest problem from the week I'll take it.







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