Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime Football...

This year's FCA all-star football game kind of snuck up on me. I guess I used to it being a week later, but with the first Saturday of June showing up so early in relation to Memorial Day. but, outside of just making for a long day shooting a baseball game in the morning, then this at night coupled with a drowning at the lake that night made for a really long day.
One thing I hate about these games is the lack of intensity. Sure the players play the game hard, that's really the only way they know how to play. But the play-calling tends to be kind of vanilla, since the kids are learning an offense in less than a week, plus trying to develop chemistry and timing all at the same time. Then, there is the whole playing without getting injured thing. All that makes for a game without much scoring, which is exactly how the first half went. I spent most of the first half just trying to find something decent of both teams. I got a couple I liked, but I think my favorite was the tight sideline shot of the sweaty player, it pretty much summed up the weather... hot.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Regional Championship Series, Game 2...

The second game of the regional baseball series between Stamford and Winters had a little less drama then the first game. Stamford ended up easily winning the game 12-0 to qualify for the team's third straight trip to the state tournament. I really kind of hate shooting games like this. Even at this level, and since the team had been to state the last three years it's almost like it was expected. Plus when you beat a team by 12 runs, there isn't a huge celebration, since it's something you've already done. Well, it worked out ok, I got a decent trophy shot and a few action shot, but nothing spectacular, maybe next time.










Sunday, June 17, 2012

Regional Championship Series, Game 1...

So, for the Region I-1A regional championship baseball series, Stamford was playing Winters, with the winner going to state. For Winters it would be the school's first trip. Should Stamford win, it would be the Bulldogs' third straight trip. The good thing about this situation, for me, was that no matter who won, I'd be covering someone at the state tournament.
The greatest thing about this game was the time of day. Plus the game was being played in town at McMurry University's Driggers Field. I love Driggers because of the high stand which allows me to shoot up high, which when the sun is going down allows for great light and a nice high angle yo can't get at high school stadiums.
The game was a pretty good pitcher's duel which was fun to watch. Both teams hat their aces on the mound so hitting and baserunners were at a premium in this game. The good thing about it was it was packed with emotions. Normally in the first game of the series I don't go with the jube shot, but I did this time, for a couple of reasons. 1) The Stamford pitcher was really fired up, and gave me a great shot at the end after striking out the final batter. 2) There wasn't a whole lot of great action.







Friday, June 8, 2012

Playoff Baseball Doubleheader...

So, I'm a little behind here... A couple Saturday's ago (May 27th) I shot a pair of regional semifinal baseball games. One early game in Abilene between Stamford and Miles, then another one in Eastland between Winters and Seymour. The first game between Miles and Stamford kind of sucked. Miles ended up winning the game 11-1 and I didn't have time to stick around for the second game since I needed to get to Eastland.
The next game between Winters and Seymour was a lot better. I got there right as the game was starting, I missed the first couple of batters, but it wasn't a big deal, none of the big stuff happened until late in the game. Seymour ended up going up by a couple of runs early in the game. Like what had happened in the earlier game in the series, Winters looked awful the first few innings then showed up and had a big inning that they went up by a run. In the top of the seventh Seymour tied up the game with a great play at the plate. Then in extra innings Winters ended up winning it when they scored from third on a wild pitch. I absolutely love games like this. Between the hard play fighting for every run and the way the emotions run so high, there is no shortage of nice photos to go around.






Sunday, June 3, 2012

Graduating with a Moment of Clarity...

Last Friday was Wylie's graduation. I can't remember the last time I didn't cover a Wylie graduation. And it was as I was driving over to the ceremony that I realized every one of the kids graduating that night were bore AFTER I had graduated from high school, talk about a moment to make you feel old. Oh well, not much you can do about that, life goes on and I am enjoying life a lot more than the day I graduated high school and wasn't sure what the hell I was going to do after that.
So, back to the Wylie graduation ceremony. In my 12+ years at the newspaper, I'm not sure exactly how many of these I've shot but I'm guessing at least 10. It makes it nice because I know how things work and where to go, etc. It's good, both when I'm in a hurry and when I have time to cover the whole thing. If I'm in a hurry to shoot another assignment I can get my shots and get out quick. If I'm staying for the whole event, I just end up with more photos and am able to do a slideshow. The other nice thing about it, is Wylie has such a ridiculously high participation rate in extra curricular activities, it seems like many of the kids are ones I've already shot before over the last few years so I recognize a lot of them, that makes things a little easier too there at the end.