Sunday, June 17, 2012

Regional Championship Series, Game 1...

So, for the Region I-1A regional championship baseball series, Stamford was playing Winters, with the winner going to state. For Winters it would be the school's first trip. Should Stamford win, it would be the Bulldogs' third straight trip. The good thing about this situation, for me, was that no matter who won, I'd be covering someone at the state tournament.
The greatest thing about this game was the time of day. Plus the game was being played in town at McMurry University's Driggers Field. I love Driggers because of the high stand which allows me to shoot up high, which when the sun is going down allows for great light and a nice high angle yo can't get at high school stadiums.
The game was a pretty good pitcher's duel which was fun to watch. Both teams hat their aces on the mound so hitting and baserunners were at a premium in this game. The good thing about it was it was packed with emotions. Normally in the first game of the series I don't go with the jube shot, but I did this time, for a couple of reasons. 1) The Stamford pitcher was really fired up, and gave me a great shot at the end after striking out the final batter. 2) There wasn't a whole lot of great action.







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