Friday, June 8, 2012

Playoff Baseball Doubleheader...

So, I'm a little behind here... A couple Saturday's ago (May 27th) I shot a pair of regional semifinal baseball games. One early game in Abilene between Stamford and Miles, then another one in Eastland between Winters and Seymour. The first game between Miles and Stamford kind of sucked. Miles ended up winning the game 11-1 and I didn't have time to stick around for the second game since I needed to get to Eastland.
The next game between Winters and Seymour was a lot better. I got there right as the game was starting, I missed the first couple of batters, but it wasn't a big deal, none of the big stuff happened until late in the game. Seymour ended up going up by a couple of runs early in the game. Like what had happened in the earlier game in the series, Winters looked awful the first few innings then showed up and had a big inning that they went up by a run. In the top of the seventh Seymour tied up the game with a great play at the plate. Then in extra innings Winters ended up winning it when they scored from third on a wild pitch. I absolutely love games like this. Between the hard play fighting for every run and the way the emotions run so high, there is no shortage of nice photos to go around.






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