Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summertime Football...

This year's FCA all-star football game kind of snuck up on me. I guess I used to it being a week later, but with the first Saturday of June showing up so early in relation to Memorial Day. but, outside of just making for a long day shooting a baseball game in the morning, then this at night coupled with a drowning at the lake that night made for a really long day.
One thing I hate about these games is the lack of intensity. Sure the players play the game hard, that's really the only way they know how to play. But the play-calling tends to be kind of vanilla, since the kids are learning an offense in less than a week, plus trying to develop chemistry and timing all at the same time. Then, there is the whole playing without getting injured thing. All that makes for a game without much scoring, which is exactly how the first half went. I spent most of the first half just trying to find something decent of both teams. I got a couple I liked, but I think my favorite was the tight sideline shot of the sweaty player, it pretty much summed up the weather... hot.


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