Thursday, October 18, 2012

Crosstown Showdown...

The Abilene High Cooper game always has potential to be one of the best football games of the year. However, it also has potential to be one of the worst. Last year's 62-6 beat down was the perfect example. As good as Abilene High had been playing and with Cooper already having one loss and a few close calls on the season I was thinking this game might be deja vu. That wasn't even close to the case.
Cooper came out ready to play and did a really great job of moving the ball, marching up the field and scoring on their first possession. The the Cougar defense shut down the AHS offense quickly. However, a forced three-and-out and then a blocked punt recovered in the end zone for an Eagle touchdown evened things up. The game was going back and forth and making for some really nice photos in the process. Cooper ended up scoring a touchdown to go ahead with just over two minutes left in the game and I was thinking that may be it.
Well, if Cooper's drive had lasted another 4 seconds I would have been right. However, Abilene High took the ball down the field with some really great passing and a few runs thrown in working the clock just right. Then a spectacular pass to running back Marcel Porter for a touchdown between a pair of defenders to win the game made for one hell of an ending. In covering 14 of these game this was certainly one of the best ones.










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