Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another State Champ...

After getting in late from Arlington I covered the six-man state championship doubleheader. The night cap was the more important game for us, Throckmorton playing Abbott in a rematch of last year's state semifinal in Throckmorton's run to the state title. This year was a little different from last year, Throckmorton wasn't supposed to make it this far. But, after the beat-down they put on a very good Water Valley team a couple of weeks ago the Greyhounds were certainly playing like the defending state champions.
Having seen this team play three times already this year, I didn't have a lot of doubt that they would win the game. It was just going to be a question of whether they would 45 Abbott or not. The mercy rule win didn't happen but it was close with Throckmorton winning 72-30. Abbott, though, did come out looking tough and it looked for a little while like it may be a dog fight. But, Throckmorton's passing offense just couldn't be stopped. The Greyhounds were just throwing the ball at will and weren't going to be denied their second straight championship.





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