Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lights out artists...

I shot this for a story we were doing about changing graduation requirements. The state of Texas is changing graduation requirements that kids no longer need to take art classes to graduate, but the schools still must offer them. Well, when I got to the school it was really dark. I joked with the lady in the office asking if this was some new "green" thing that they were keeping the lights out to save money or something. This was actually the second time this week that the school had lost power. It actually turned out to be a good thing for me. Luckily, the art class I was shooting was still doing their oil painting by using window light. After scanning the classroom shortly after walking in I saw a number of crowded tables with students huddled together doing their paintings. The shot I took only had two students at it, with some nice light coming in from the window coming in. It worked out nicely since I didn't have any ugly fluorescent lights messing up the great sunlight coming in. I had about 15 minutes to shoot once I finally got there before the class ended. It was just enough time to get the shot I wanted and try a few others that didn't work out quite as well. The funny part is as I was walking out of the building the lights started coming back on, the power outage only lasted about 30 minutes.

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