Thursday, October 1, 2009

2 Games, 1 Night...

Normally I absolutely HATE shooting two games in one night. The reason being, when you leave at halftime often you only get half the story, especially is if it a close game. However, when I got to Cisco on Friday night, I noticed it was homecoming. In Texas, homecoming means one thing, a ridiculously LONG halftime. As it is, high school football games have miserably long halftimes (28 minutes). However, homecoming halftimes last even longer! Usually a minimum of 40 minutes, Some have even pushed nearly an hour.
Now, this was bad enough under our old deadlines, but now, it pretty much means there is absolutely no chance at shooting the whole game. On this particular night though, that wasn't a problem. Cisco went up 28-0 going into the half and looked like they would run away with it. Plus I was able to get some nice stuff in the first half of the game. So, coupled with my hatred for homecoming I had no problem leaving at halftime.
The good thing about it, is the second game I was going to had a longer first half and the 15 minute drive to Eastland from Cisco got me there at the start of halftime. The problem I ran into, which is what I often complain about when I need to cover this stuff, Eastland was in complete control of the game. So, basically I had the third quarter to shoot. I guess it turned out ok. Not long into the third quarter I got a nice interception shot that I normally wouldn't have gotten, but I was standing a little further down the field than normal. On this occasion it worked out, and I got a nice shot of Eastland's Jett Johnson pulling in a nice one-handed interception (below).

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