Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Track and Some Field Too...

Given that my baseball photos so far this year have been pretty much a disaster, save one decent game, I was glad to see another track meet on my schedule. This time it was a high school meet. The funny thing is often the total amount of talent, from top to bottom, is usually better at the high school meets I cover over the D3 meets I shot last week. Plus, hoping for the chaos I'd seen last week, isn't as good with high school kids.
This meet was a one day, weekday meet. The field events were during the afternoon and the running was in the early evening. I went there for a little while to shoot some of the field events and then wen back later for the running... and the nicer light. It's funny, I got a few decent shot from the field events and had thought about not going back, but in hopes of getting a few shots run I went back for the running and the pretty light. The irony of it was only one of the photos ended up running, little space and a lot of agate made things miss out.



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