Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baseball Time...

With basketball finished up it's time to start concentrating on baseball season. I have shot a could of local games, but many times the problems with the local games (other than the teams not being all that good) is I often don't get a lot of time to shoot a whole game. So, when I get to go out of town to shoot an area game it's pretty nice. I can usually expect to shoot a pair of pretty good teams, that alone helps quite a bit. So, I can get pretty amped up about it since, if I'm sent to cover one of these games, I know there should be a pretty good chance at seeing some decent baseball.
The game between Stamford and Hamlin was looking to be one of those good small school games. Stamford had made it to the state tournament last year and Hamlin was playing really good baseball. I was also there to shoot a feature on a fan who had been going to the Hamlin games for seven decades. One thing I noticed real quick when I got to the game is how dusty the field was. This, isn't really a surprise considering how dry it has been lately and considering I don't think we've gotten any considerably measurable rain since January. The dusty field did make for some pretty nice photos though, plus it didn't hurt that there was some pretty nice action going on in the game.






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