Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cowboy Reunion...

For my photo column last week I went up to Stamford to shoot the rodeo at the Texas Cowboy Reunion. It's a really cool event that's been going on up there for 80+ years and for the folks who go, both the spectators and competitors, it's a yearly tradition. Now, I've covered the parade before the event and the fiddlers contest and Saturday events before, but I'd never been to the rodeo before. Not sure why, but it's something I've always seemed to have missed. I ended up getting to the event about an hour early, since I had to shoot and transmit photos from the parade for the next day's paper.
After running into quite a few people I met during Stamford's run to state in baseball, I went to the back and poked around checking out the competitors and seeing what kind of behind the scenes stuff I could get into. It was cool because it allowed me to talk to a lot of folks about the event without bothering them during the rodeo, since I also had to write a short story to go with the photo page. After talking to many of them the theme was the same, pretty much everyone I talked to had been coming here every year "for as long as I can remember." Well, that was easy enough, I knew what I was writing about. And after a couple of hours I had a bunch of nice images that I was happy with.






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