Monday, March 4, 2013

Daddy Daughter Date Night...

The Daddy/Daughter Date Night is one of the cool events of the first part of the year. And it's one of those events that can always make for good images if you wait long enough. This year the annual event fell on Valentine's Day, so instead of it running inside on the local front, it was going on 1A. Having a photo on the front page, while it may seem cool, isn't always the best thing. The problem being the photo is going to run in color, when the local front is usually black and white. The great part about b/w photos is when the color is a wreck going the b/w rout saves you a lot of time toning photos.
This night, though, I was able to get a pretty nice shot right off the bat (that never happens). I still ended up spending over an hour there making sure I had what I wanted and just watching the event and making some really nice images of fathers dancing with their girls, and making sure the first shot I got was going to work, which it did. I was kind of torn whether or not to crop it to show just the girl dancing with her dad, but since it was the main photo I decided to keep it the way it was in order to show how big the crowd was. I think people's eyes are still drawn to the great reaction on her face and I was able to leave the event happy.


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