Sunday, March 3, 2013

Playoff Opener...

For the first round of the girls basketball playoffs, Abilene High was playing El Paso Bel Air in the bi-district round. It was the first time in a while that they had made the postseason and the last time they did they lost huge. So, this game was their chance at proving they belonged in the playoffs.
The game started out good, they were in the game the whole first quarter but things started to get away from them in the second quarter. Bel Air ended up getting a pretty big lead and things weren't looking very good for the Lady Eagles. But, in the fourth quarter they started looking really good and after going down by as much as 20, they came storming back and cut the lead to to 10. It looked like they were going to come back. However, once they got it within 10, the Lady Eagles went cold, then their two best players who were in foul trouble and ended up fouling out. After that there was no coming back, but at least it turned out to be an entertaining game.




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