Sunday, April 21, 2013

Riding in Style to the Easter Egg Hunt...

This was a nice take on something that I've been shooting pretty much every year I've been here and was a nice twist to how Easter Egg hunts have been shot in the past. Earlier in the week we had gotten an email saying the Baird Easter Egg hunt would let kids ride on fire trucks to the park for the hunt. This may have been one of the few times I thought it might be cool to have grown up in a small town. I mean, what kid never wanted to ride on a fire truck? Especially when you're riding on a fire truck to a park to get free candy!!
When I got there I talked to some of the people organizing it and their explanation was even better. Instead of all the kids showing up at staggered times and them having to essentially herd cats from trying to start their egg hunt early, they all show up on the fire trucks and they start a few minutes after every one gets off the fire engines. Brilliant. The other great part about going to the area towns is how well-received you are by the people there. It's a nice feeling.





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