Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blazing a Trail...

Stories like this I always enjoy shooting. Iria "Bubba" Ephriam was the first black player to play in the Texas state high school basketball tournament, in 1957. I had kind of lucked out when I called him he was out running errands and said he could meet me down the street at one of the parks, perfect, I was really hoping for something other than a shot of him in his home. I grabbed my basketball off my desk on the way out and headed to the park. I was kind of tight on time and was squeezing this in between assignments, but had an idea in my head. I made the shot pretty quick, he was real easy to work with and a lot of fun, a nice guy who had some great stories. I wish I had more time to listen to his stories, he was a really good guy and had a great laugh.

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