Sunday, June 16, 2013

Parading Around...

The Western Heritage Parade is one of the biggest parades in Abilene every year. It's also the closest I get to shooting the actual Western Heritage Classic, since it happens every year on the same weekend as the state track meet in Austin. So, the parade usually ends up going to me. That's ok, it gives me the chance to try and figure out a new way to shoot it, fix the mistakes I may have made from shooting it in the past, or make better on a way that I had shot the parade in the past. Shooting the same events year after year can be kind of a double edged sword sometimes. On one had you go in with an idea of how you want to shoot an event. However, the other side of it is trying to find a new or better way to do it than in the past. It helps sometimes when you see a little kid dancing along with the dancing team in the street before the parade starts.



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