Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The sun is setting on the baseball season...

Well, at least as far as little league goes. This was the last local team left alive. The Abilene South junior league team was going to the state tournament in Waco. This was a photo from their practice. This is one of those shots I almost never shot. I got to practice a few minutes after it started, I was late because I was shooting golf (see below). I didn't want to stay long, I told myself 20-30 minutes tops. I had been in the sun all day, it was hotter then hell, the humidity was awful and all I wanted to do was go sit in the air conditioning for an hour editing golf photos before heading to my 7pm assignment.

When I got there the team was practicing infield practice, I got a few decent frames of infielders taking ground balls, but they were mediocre at best. I had considered leaving, my time was up and I could have used the excuse of need to get pix in before the late assignment. But, then again, why take the easy way out? I mean, I was already soaked in sweat so I might as well stick around. Well, I'm glad I did.

After about another 15 minutes they started setting up the batting cage. After that is was just a matter of finding a good spot to shoot from. Plus with the pretty cloud patterns starting to happen the sun starting to get low enough in the sky to make pretty light. I found a small hole in the bottom of the net to set up and layed there and watched batting practice for about 40 minutes. Which gave me enough time to go to the office dump my cards and run to the next assignment. Thank God I recharged the a/c in my car!


katgreen said...

I just love your pictures!

Tommy said...

Thanks very much.