Sunday, August 10, 2008


One thing newspapers are notorious for is doing the same story over and over.I swear every time gas prices go up or down 10 cents/gallon there is a story about it. Construction stories are pretty much the same. I think this is the fourth construction story I've shot this year. Obviously, I wanted to find something a little different.

When I came across this hotel I saw all the scaffolding around the building and the workers putting up the building wrap. On the backside of the building was a big empty field. So I parked my car and walked out to the middle of the field and basically camped out there for about forty minutes waiting for the workers to be spread out enough to make the photo interesting.

It's pretty nice to have a day with few enough assignments to be able to just sit in the field and wait for my shot to happen. All too often I'm pressed for time and can't wait for things to progress. This one worked out nicely.


Gary Rhodes said...

45 minutes to just camp out?!?! What's wrong with your editors? You could have done 5 grip and grins or at least 3 shots for the advertising department in that time. I can't believe you had time to hang out and get an awesome construction photo like that.

Emily said...

Hey! Found your blog and added the link on mine... hope ya don't mind. Great stuff (as usual).