Friday, August 29, 2008

Slime Time...

Last week was welcome week for the three local universities. The week was spent doing all kinds of bonding activities with the idea that these kids would make new friends by making fools of themselves and doing disgusting acts. The different activities range from the tame to the downright nasty. McMurry University's "Slime Olympics" is the latter. Some of the events include the shaving cream hair do (see above) and the human cake, where one member of the team gets ingredients like oil, eggs, milk, chocolate syrup and flour piled on them. Then the team carries the person to the other end of the field, the team who's person has the most ingredients still on them wins.
After all the events, the highlight is the top 4 teams have a relay where they see who can run and slide across a homemade slip-n-slide into a pit of most of the crap they washed off from earlier events. The team with the fastest time wins. It really makes me miss college. The only difference is in a public university, we were usually coming up with these ideas on our own, and most people weren't exactly sober! Ahhh good times!

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