Monday, September 29, 2008

Homecoming football... in the daytime

Saturday was something a little different around here. Daytime football isn't all that unusual, it's played a lot during the playoffs (and usually a heckuva lot cooler temperatures). But a homecoming football game on a Saturday afternoon was something I'd never seen. I love daytime football, the light is nice and well... what more do you need than nice light?
This weekend's game was one of those that makes me glad I stuck around the whole time... and that is wasn't played on deadline. First, it was homecoming, which meant the normal 30+ minute halftime lasted even longer along the 45+ minute line, since they had to crown the queen too. Through the first three and a half quarters the game was pretty unexciting. Then, both teams decided to start scoring at will. And it went to overtime. At this point I pretty much knew my shot was going to be a reaction shot.

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