Monday, October 6, 2008

Dirty hit and the gloves are off...

On Thursday Abilene High played in Ft. Worth in one of the most one-sided games I've ever seen. The final score was 81-3!! Normally, I'm not too big of a fan of running up the score, but there are times I feel it is justified. When a player who is losing intentionally takes someone out with a cheap shot, I say take the gloves off! The only other time I see it a being good idea is in video games :D
That's exactly what happened after the AHS starting center was taken out of the game with a cheap shot, by a Ft. Worth Paschal defender. The Abilene High kid was taken out of the game and probably gone for the season, I was told by one of the trainers that he had a severely broken ankle. The Abilene High coach was clrearly pissed off after the play, and with good reason, the referees did a horrible job of not seeing the kid get hit, then nothing was done, until the Paschal coach pulled the kid out of the game. I'm pretty sure the kid was thrown out by the coaches since I noticed his pads still on the sideline after the game and the kid was no where to be found. However, the damage was done and it was payback time. After seeing how pissed off the coach was, I thought these guys may score 100 tonight... well I was 19 points off! By halftime it was 60-0 and the game was obviously over. The 2nd and 3rd team players were in for the second half and still managed to score three more times. Normally, when AHS is up by 40 or so they call the dogs off, but I think they were justified by the dirty hit to show that it was a bad idea. I've read a number of message boards disagreeing, but I doubt most of them were there. Personally, I'd hate to have been the kid who made the dirty hit and see how pissed off my team was at me for getting beat by 80 rather than 30 or 40!

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