Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finally a decent shot... and this happens

I hate shooting volleyball. I enjoy the sport, and watching it, but I've never been all that strong shooting it. I'd have to say of all sports I've ever shot, volleyball is by far my weakest. So, last week when I was shooting the Abilene High game I decided to try shooting from a different vantage point. The AHS gym has seating on the second level, I've shot up there plenty during basketball and previous volleyball seasons, but usually it was from the other side of the net, shooting the hitters spiking the ball over the net, this time I decided to concentrate on the defensive players digging balls. I've tried this plenty too from lower angles and not gotten a lot I was happy with. However, shooting from up high made it nice, since the girls look up as they are digging shots. Well, after nine years of shooting volleyball, I actually made a frame I was really happy with... and I couldn't use it!! Why? Well, I found out from my reporter it was the coach's 300th career win. Luckily (or maybe unluckily in this one particular case), Sam is a good reporter and told me BEFORE the match that this was going to happen should they win. They way I would be able to stick around for the whole match (I often try to duck out early for deadline reasons).
So, I stuck around and got a decent reaction shot of the coach celebrating as the match ended. There was a small ceremony, but it didn't make for much. Normally any other night I'd have been perfectly happy with the reaction shot, but, like I said I finally got a decent volleyball shot. Oh well, I gotta follow my own rules... the photo should ALWAYS tell the story. What's the point of running a great picture if it doesn't tell the story? My personal feeling has always been it is a disservice to the readers if you have a story-telling photo and run another. Oh well, at least through the wonders of the internet I get to show it off here.

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