Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's nice to get lucky every once in a while...

Friday's game was a little different than normal, I covered Abilene Wylie High School against Brownwood. A class 3A game, in the past few years this game has grown into a rivalry of sorts, however, it's been ratcheted up a notch this year since they are now in the same district. And, while this may be the opening game of district play, there is a very good chance this game would play a huge part in who would be crowned the district champions.
Well, the game was everything it was made out to be a close game right to the end, and after covering Abilene High this year, it was a welcome change. Brownwood, with two players committed to play college football, quarterback Casey Pachall (TCU) and offensive lineman Stavion Lowe (LSU), and Wylie who is consistently one of the best coached and best disciplined teams I've ever seen.
The game was back and forth the whole night, Brownwood took it down the field on the opening drive, then Wylie answered on their first drive. It was looking like it would be a shootout without a lot of defense. But after the first two drives it calmed down a lot and both defenses settled in. The final score was 31-28, to which I need to give major props to our Wylie beat writer, Daniel Youngblood, he nailed the score dead on with his prediction on the game.
Turnovers played a big part in Wylie's win. And that is where the luck comes in... at least on my part. The top photo is of an interception. And while I'd LOVE to tell you I planned to have someone standing on the other side of the defensive back with a flash to make a pretty halo around his head just as he was pulling in an interception near the Brownwood goal line... well, I'd just be lying (then again knowing where the ball was going to go would probably be pretty lucky too). It was just dumb luck I caught the shot at the same time the other guy was shooting. The nine frames a second of the D3 may have helped a little too.

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