Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Three games, three days...

Football season is in full swing here. This weekend was the "slow" week of the year in the high school season. Most teams are taking their off weeks before the start of the district play. Of the 40-something 11-man teams that we cover only 11 were playing last weekend, and two of those games were on Thursday. I've already talked about Thursday's game. Friday was a rare chance for me to go out of town and cover one of our area teams. But, since none of the local teams were playing in town though it gave me the chance to go shoot a game out of town, about a month early (during the playoffs I'm going all over the place covering games, it's kina fun... but more on that in a few weeks).
Something else rare happened, something I never really thought about until I got there and noticed this peculiar green stuff coming out of the ground. You see, I think it has been about five years or so since I've shot a game that was played on actual grass! I chalk this up to an "only in Texas" thing, but most of the bigger teams that we cover and then later on in the playoffs almost exclusively on field turf (since all the grass fields are usually dead by then). Saturday's game was ACU, in another game that was gonna be a blowout, which wasn't a bad thing since I was going to have to leave at halftime because of deadline issues (and I had been working since 7am). The photo below is of Bernard Scott who should probably win the Div. II version of the Heisman Trophy, I think he had about 300 total yards rushing and receiving.

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