Friday, November 14, 2008

Practice makes perfect....

Now, I've never claimed to be perfect by any means. I'm pretty damn imperfect, actually. But the Albany High School girls volleyball team is perfect. They are 40-0 on the season so far this year! What's even more amazing is in 40 matches they have only lost a total of FIVE games!! That's pretty damn amazing if you ask me.
So, on Wednesday I went up to shoot the team's practice before this weekend's Class A regional tournament. One of the things I enjoy most about shooting practices is being able to show something different than you would normally see in a game. For some reason officials and coaches don't like you going on the the court and sticking your camera over the net during a game... go figure. But during practice, they don't say a word. Well, the coach did say "Watch out she's going to be hitting it your way" a few times (which was greatly appreciated). But otherwise I was left alone to make pictures.

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