Monday, November 17, 2008

Shooting Beyond the Field...

Saturday was a fun day. It was a day game and the light was really nice. Plus Cooper's uniforms look really nice during the day, the reds and blues of their uniforms saturate really nice during the day. They are a major pain in the ass, however, to tone right during a night game and they look even worse in black and while... it turns to a muddy gray. But Saturday, against a pretty blue sky with no clouds, it was great!
The sun was low in the sky and on it's way down. The shadows were getting long which made some fun shots of the drill teams. High school football game halftimes are a nightmare on Friday night's when you are working on deadline. But, when you have an afternoon game the 30 minute halftime gives you plenty of time to let the creative juices flow. And with an online slideshow for the game, that allows for the perfect outlet to show your work. It also does a good job of breaking up 30+ action shots.
On a normal Friday night, I'm running to the press box to download photos and do a quick edit to at least get ahead of things and possibly send in a couple photos in case the game is going to go long. On Saturday, as I was headed up, I noticed the sunlight coming from the stands and it was making a nice rimlight on the band who were wearing their uniforms for the first time in a couple weeks. So, instead of going up and dumping my cards I figured I'd stick around and work the pretty light. My old boss, Woody Marshall, at my internship at the Macon Telegraph told me my first week I was there, "When God gives you good light, don't f**k it up." You can fill in the blanks, but I find it words to live by and always have. God gave me good light Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

aw. i love band photos. brings back memories. best not to talk about what kind though...
-recovering "band queer"