Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Football Camp...

Professional athletes often get a bad rap for being selfish and only in it for the money... see the recent circus that has been the NBA free agency market. So, every year when former Cooper High School standout and current Indianapolis Colts player Justin Snow brings some coaches along and holds his annual football camp, you just gotta think it's cool. Hundreds of kids from all over the area show up and run drills. Justin is there for the whole things helping with drills observing and talking to the kids. It's not like a lot of these things where someone puts their name on the camp charges outrageous fees (this one is free) and shows up once talks for three minutes and leaves. In fact, after the camp was over Justin hung around talking to the kids and parents and signed autographs until it was over. Just a really cool event. I could honestly care less about meeting anyone of any type of celebrity status, mostly because they start reading about themselves and thinking they are wonderful. Justin, came up introduced himself and thanked me for being there. He was really genuine about it and a nice guy. And hearing him talk to the kids, he really did seem like he did care about giving back to the community he grew up in.




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