Monday, July 26, 2010

The Running of the Wieners

Being that I'm a sucker for dogs (I just got another one, and now have 5 again), I was really looking forward to shooting the Rescue the Animals' third-annual Dachshund Races. It was originally scheduled for July 10th, little did anyone expect a week of rain and it had to be canceled. This is a really fun event, both for the people and the animals. Outside of a few people enticing their canines with treats, toys, and one even used a laser pointer, none of the dogs had any former training, except for the dogs who had participated in years past.
It's really funny to watch the races, some of the dogs will take right off and run to the finish line. Others will never leave the starting line. The best ones are those who take off and stop in the middle and start playing with the other dogs, or just turn around and run the other way! Overall it's a couple hours of fun for both people and their dogs.





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