Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chilis for the Tatas...

The annual Bunco for Breast Cancer event is one of those annual events that just screams for great photos. Now if you've ever played bunco (I haven't but my wife has told me stories) you will know it's really competitive. Women just seem to transform when they play bunco. Luckily, everyone at this event is there more to support breast cancer awareness and help the cause. It's really cool who most of these ladies just go over the top for the event. Often when I cover this event I spend about the first 10-15 minutes walking around the event observing what's going on and what tables look the most outrageous outfits combined with the craziest. On this night I found some women wearing chili peppers on their heads, women with fringe-lined sombreros and women with mustaches. All were having a great time and going nuts when they threw a bunco... it sure made my life easier.



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