Saturday, November 20, 2010

Last Week of the Regular Season...

Going into the final week of the season Cooper had beaten its crosstown rival the week before and was only one game away from an undefeated regular season. A win at Midland High would give Cooper only it's fifth undefeated season in school history and it's first outright district title in Class 5A in a while. Well, the problem was Cooper came out and played like they had won the Super Bowl the week earlier and were still dealing for the hangover from it. Sloppy play and bad defense put the Cougars in a hole that they were having a hard time getting out of. The team was only down by a touchdown on the final drive of the game and was moving the ball well. And, with the Cougars' offense it was possible to come back. One final pass in the end zone as time expired was deflected (top photo) as it was thrown into double coverage. Lucky for them, the playoff matchups were already set and the only loss was the outright district crown, they still were able to claim a share.








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