Monday, November 15, 2010

Crosstown College Showdown...

After having gone to a college who's football team draws 90,000+ fans a game I still find it ironic that the Friday high school games draw the biggest crowds in town by a long shot. But the fans that go to the games are still loud and passionate about their teams, so it's still fun to watch. This game while it is called a rivalry has been pretty lopsided for the last few years. In fact, McMurry is in the midst of a 22-game losing streak to Hardin-Simmons. But, things have been changing, with a new coaching staff and a high-octane offense McMurry is trying to challenge the old guard of HSU and be king of the city. The problem was no one told Hardin-Simmons. McMurry put up a decent fight, but still extended its losing streak to 23 games, maybe next year.





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