Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jerry World Doubleheader Game 2...

The second half of the doubleheader was Abilene High playing its old third round nemesis Southlake Carroll. The last time these two teams played in the playoffs at Texas Stadium, AHS squeaked away with the win after Southlake was setting up to win the game with a field goal, but a fumbled snap while trying to get the ball to the middle of the field. The two previous times, SLC won, once in a blowout, the other in a close game. So there was certainly a history there. However, unlike in the past AHS was coming in as the favorite.
Things didn't look too good before the game, the Abilene High starting QB had a stomach virus and was being given fluids. However, things didn't look too bad, the sophomore, who despite making his first varsity start at Cowboys Stadium in the third round of the playoffs, didn't look bad at all. It doesn't hurt to have a healthy Herschel Sims as your running back. The game really boiled down to just a few plays, an interception near the goal line, and a fumble on a drive where AHS was just marching down the field, which SLC took advantage of and scored. The other problem was they couldn't make a stop in the second half, but had they not had those two turnovers, I don't know that that would have mattered. Well, I'm not sure it would have mattered anyway, this team just wasn't the same team they had last year.








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