Wednesday, December 8, 2010

State Volleyball...

Wylie High School's first trip to the state tournament was nearly a disaster. Coming out of the gate it was looking like Wylie may get embarrassed. In the first game they were down 15-1 to start. Then in the second game they played a little better but were still getting stomped by a Wimberly team that had two huge players up front. Both player over six feet tall, while Wylie's tallest player was 5'10, and their two best hitters being only 5'9. The height differential made it tough enough, but then an obvious case of nerves wasn't helping their cause any.
By game three Wylie was looking like the team they had been all year but one would wonder if it was too little too late. They did win the third game, so at least they weren't getting skunked and they were playing better, so for me that meant better pictures. In game four they were playing really well too. And really starting to show some nice emotion, heck it was even looking like they may even come back, which would have made for an awesome story, getting blown out in the first two games then coming back to win in five games. However, that just wasn't going to happen. A little hiccup in the fifth game and all the sudden they got in another hole, and since game five only goes to 15 points it was a hole they just weren't gonna dig out of.
The nice thing about going to state is it is played in a really big arena and it allows me to get up nice and high to shoot. And since the match went five games I was able to move around quite a bit and shoot from plenty of different angles. It resulted in shooting a ridiculous amount of photos, but also made for a pretty nice slideshow for a web. Volleyball is usually one of those sports I dread shooting, but as good as this team was they were a lot of fun to shoot. All in all, despite not coming back with the miracle victory, it still made for a pretty fun event to shoot.










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