Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Post Turkey Friday Afternoon Football

Probably the best thing about the Thanksgiving holiday is the Friday after. While most people are out shopping, there is always an alternative, which for me means getting out of shooting Black Friday shopping, and that's usually a Friday football doubleheader.
At this time of year, the afternoon games start out in decent light and by the time they are ending there is some really nice light. Plus there is no pressure to run back to the press box and get some pix out quick. I get to sit down and actually look for a decent photo instead. Plus it was a local game, so I didn't even have to leave town. I love it when the area teams come to me, since I spend most of the season chasing them around.
The game was a Class A playoff game between Munday and Hamlin. Hamlin had a great freshman running back and Munday had a great sophomore spread quarterback. Munday was the favorite coming into the game but Hamlin played really well for the first three quarters and held the lead going into the fourth quarter. Then Munday, in particular QB Dee Paul took over. With some really nice defense and some great runs by Paul, Munday turned things around quick. Then a pick-six by a sophomore safety pretty much sealed the game for Munday and they were moving on. A fun game to watch.






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