Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting Connected with the Woz...

One pleasant surprise about my unexpected working on my day off was getting to see Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speak as the keynote speak during the ACU Connected 2011 conference. And even though he called all media evil (I'm sure he has a good reason for this, and I may partially agree that some members of the media ARE evil, I don't think we all are), it was really cool hearing him talk about the Homebrew Computer Club and the early days and the Apple II (the first computer I ever used). As a total gadget geek, this was just cool to hear the king of the gadget nerds speak.
For the second day of the conference, I had to shoot something that could carry the front page. It was a pretty slow news day, photo-wise and all the fires were out. So, I'm here trying to figure out a shot that would work for the front page, basically looking for something other than a guy standing on stage for the main shot. The conference all about education and how to add technology into education. And part of the underlying tone was a giant ad for Apple and the iPad. Which I really didn't have a problem with, considering I think Apple is far superior to PC's, especially this slow POS Dell I'm using right now. So, I pretty much found my idea for my shot while walking along the aisle observing the participants during the speakers. Most of the folks, instead of using a notepad to take notes, were using their laptops and iPads to take notes. So, I just hung out watching for this group of people in a line all taking notes (above). And, the best part of it was their screens all did my lighting for me since the Cullin center has about as good a lighting as most caves. I did end up getting a decent shot (below) of one of the speakers talking, which made for a nice secondary photo to go with the package.



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