Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nearing The End Of The Season...

This was the start of a busy week of basketball. It's the third round of the boys basketball playoffs and this is pretty much the time that you can bet the games will be good. The quality of play is good on both sides and the games usually aren't one-sided blowouts. Thank God! Because I've been suffering through way too much of this crap throughout the regular season.
So, I was pretty excited to see Eastland playing Wall on my schedule to shoot. This was a rematch of a great game in the same round from the previous year. So, there was no doubt that Wall would be looking to revenge. And, from the start of the game that's the way things were looking. Wall came out completely dominating the first half. In the second half Eastland started making a comeback and Wall began crumbling. With a couple of really clutch three-pointers by Eastland's blue-chip center, Forrest Robinson, the game was tied up and sent to overtime.
In overtime, neither team looked all that spectacular. Both had opportunities to put things away and couldn't. Eastland hit a couple more free throws and made less turnovers. Not to mention a clutch three to put them ahead by one when it counted. Wall put up a few desperation shots in the final seconds but couldn't sink them. Eastland won a great one in another nail-biter.

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