Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2A State Semifinals...

There aren't many things about getting up at 7am to shoot a basketball game that I like, I guess the one good thing is being completely done by 2pm. I've always liked Jim Ned, part of it is fans/parents always give me a warm welcome when I go out there to cover their games. The other reason is, in 2008 when the Jim Ned girls won the state championship, that was the first time in many trips to the state tournament that the team I was covering actually won it all. I'd seen plenty of state championship basketball games, but no one was ever able to get over the hump and win the final game of the season.
So, this year, in Jim Ned's first trip back to Austin since winning it all, they were playing Brock, the team that had won every title since Jim Ned's in 2008. It started out looking really well, neither team was shooting all that well, but I think that had a lot to do with both teams being so good on defense. The score stayed close the whole game and for an 8:30am game the crowd was really into it making it a fun game to shoot. One thing I've noticed about shooting the state tournament is the small schools always seems to have the best and loudest crowds, and this one was no exception.
Despite it being a pretty low-scoring game, I ended up getting a lot better photos than I had the day in Wylie's semifinal game. I guess the defensive play seemed to be a lot more intense and these were two really good teams battling each other on every possession. Jim Ned ended up losing the game 41-37, but it was a really great game to watch, and super close. Games like these, you never want to see anyone lose because a few breaks go the other way and the outcome would have been a lot different, but that's why they play the game.








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