Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sweet Repeat...

This one was kind of anti-climactic, after Wylie's win over Kennedale last week, I didn't really have any doubt about their chances of repeating as state champions as long as they went in and played their game and didn't act like they had already won. Well, they didn't do that, however, in the championship game against Celina they faced a lot tougher competition than I thought they would.
The first half of the game was even. Wylie didn't look bad, but Celina was playing a lot better than I had thought they would be. The scored wold have been tied going into half if not for a pretty dumb foul by Celina with .2 seconds left that allowed Wylie to hit a pair of free throws. In the third quarter, as Wylie has pretty much been doing throughout the playoffs, the Lady Bulldogs came out and took over the game. Peyton Little again was doing a great job of passing the ball to open players and driving the lane to make contact. At the start of the fourth quarter Wylie opened it up and pretty much stuck a dagger in the hear of Celina hitting a big three-point shot to go up big and just cruised to the end from there.
There was little doubt who the best player on the team and on the court was, but the rest of Wylie's team was doing a great job playing the part of the "unseen" heroes, especially on the defensive end. Just like the Liberty Hill game a couple of days earlier, this game never had the feeling of Wylie not having the momentum to win the game, there wasn't ever a doubt in my head that they might not win, but Celina did a good job of keeping thinks close enough that it never looked like it would be a blowout either, which is always a good thing and makes for better celebrations after the game.













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