Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ho Hum, Yet Another State Title...

Wylie won its fifth straight state title in the Class 3A team tennis state this weekend. It was also the Bulldogs' 10th in 12 years. The only difference between this year and what they've done in years past is this year the team tennis tournament was held in Abilene. I thought it was kind of funny, probably the last thing the state's most dominant 3A tennis program needed was a home court advantage.
We've had really nice weather in the area the last couple of weeks, but of course this weekend with a baseball and tennis tournament scheduled it was cold and rainy. Not a great start for the first year the team tennis tournament was held in Abilene. Though it didn't really matter where it was held there was a black raincloud over the whole state this weekend, so even if it were held someplace else it would have been wet. Luckily there are a bunch of covered courts at the two local country clubs and at ACU. So, even in the rain they were able to get matches in, but instead of playing 19 matches they played nine, and they played pro sets (one 8-game set) instead of regular matches. Well, it wasn't ideal, but at least the teams got to play.
Wylie's run in the match was pretty much what was expected. They blew through all of the early matches and faced Lucas Lovejoy in the championship match. one thing about Lovejoy was they were at least expected to give them a decent match. And, a couple of them were. There were a couple good doubles matches and one good boys singles match, but again, Wylie ended up winning rather easily, only losing one match, out of the six played. Well, that was one more that they lost then last year, but still a pretty dominating performance and they won't be playing Lovejoy next year who will be moving up to 4A. Well, despite being the overwhelming favorite, there was still a nice celebration after the clinching win.






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