Monday, June 2, 2008

"Do I need a shirt for this?"


So, we were doing a story about the graduating class of Hermleigh High School. Hermleigh is a small town about 70 miles northwest of Abilene. The whole high school only has about 40 kids in it, this year's graduating class has seven kids... all boys.

Most of the time when we call or show up at a small school in our area they are more than happy to help. This time was different. And after meeting them, I guess I can see why. I'm not going to say these were bad kids, they just weren't the "model students" that schools usually want us to write about. This made plenty of sense to me when I showed up to one of the kids' house and was asked, "Hey do I need to wear a shirt for this? Because I'll need to run home and get one if I do."

I actually had a really good time hanging out with them, I don't think they were that bad, they were kids. Honestly they kind of reminded me of myself when I was in high school (I wasn't exactly a model student either).

Check out the story here, a great read written by my coworker Kyle Peveto: Hermleigh Class of '08

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