Tuesday, June 24, 2008

High School Rodeo Finals...


Even though I live in Texas shooting rodeo is rather rare. In fact, I only really shoot two rodeos a year here on a regular basis. One of them, probably the biggest is the Texas High School Rodeo finals. And with my D3 I can actually shoot some of the action that happens inside the coliseum (the above photo was shot at 5000 ISO).


And while it is nice to finally be able to shoot real action in the cave-like Taylor County Coliseum. The most fun is walking around the Expo Center grounds working the light and meeting some really nice people who appreciate your hard work (someone actually told me this!). The grand entries by the regions is always a good way to find nice images for the paper. Because, the rodeo starts right about the time that the sun is going down, so you get the nice light of the evening, and some nice light coming into the horse barns to shoot with. It makes it easier for me, all I need to do is show up and find some kids painting their horses!



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