Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet Zane Grey Caddell, and his "other" side


One of the fun parts of covering the high school rodeo is some of the crazy competitions they have for the participants beyond the normal rodeo events. Like, the "Rodeo Olympics" a series of three events, goat dressing... a team of four compete to see who can put socks, shorts and "brush" a goat's teeth the quickest. Or the boot race, a team of four run to the other end of the arena, find their shoes, put them on and run back the first team back with their shoes on wins. While those two seem normal enough (Goat dressing normal? Maybe I've lived in Texas too long), the highlight of the night is the Cowboy Queen Contest.


Yep, 10 rough and tough cowboys dress up in dresses and evening gowns and compete for the crown. Including an interview and singing Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel like a Woman." This year's winner was Zane Grey Caddell, from La Grange, Tx. Who it turns out was also competing for a trip to the national high school rodeo finals in the bareback bronc riding competition. He finished fourth in the competition and qualified for nationals... so I guess the question now is will he bring his dress with him? 

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