Sunday, December 21, 2008

The other graduations...

Graduation in December just doesn't have the same feel to me. I guess I consider Spring to be "graduation time." Nonetheless, I covered it. As I've said earlier in the year, my goal is always to have something shot before the actual ceremony starts, just in case I need to leave early because of deadlines, or just for the feeling of security of going into the ceremony and allowing myself to take chances. That doesn't always happen for one reason or another.
On Friday night, I covered Abilene Christian University's graduation. I always find ACU's graduation interesting, it is the only school I know of that the students are escorted by their parents or spouses. And, while it is an oddity to me, it does make for some nice pattern shots with the graduates and escorts wearing contrasting gowns.
On Saturday, I shot Hardin-Simmons graduation. This was one I couldn't get to on time. The graduation was early and I had to go out of town that evening to shoot football. So, the pre-ceremony stuff was not an option. So, then it's time to hope for something a little out of the ordinary... you know, the kind of stuff the establishment frowns upon. Like, when the grad raises his arms in victory as he's cheered by his family (below).

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