Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Mysterious ManBearPig meets the GoatLamb

I am from the city and have never been afraid to admit it. So every time I go out to cover a stock show I usually tend to make a fool of myself with my knowledge (or lack thereof) of farm animals. Last year it was not knowing the difference between a steer and a heifer, to me they are both cows (my good friend favorite former copy editor in this world, Sarah Carlson, has a nice profanity laden quote on her quoteables board about steer and heifers)! But this year it was goats and lambs. When I went to the stock show early in the day there wasn't a whole lot going on so I ended up getting only about six frames of a couple kids taking a pair of lambs to their pens. So when I go to get their names I say "Hey I got a photo of you unloading your goats." The girl got a pretty good laugh out of it and corrected me on it, to which my standard response of apologizing and saying "I grew up in the city."

So then I go back later in the day. I had the time and wasn't thrilled with the shots I got earlier, they were useable, but I was sure I could find something better. I found a girl and her family sheering her goat (I called it a lamb at first, which got another laugh). After getting her sheering her two GOATS, I was pretty happy with what I had, a lot more than with what I had gotten earlier. Then as I was leaving I this kid was blowing off his animal, and it was making the sounds it makes and sticking its tongue out every time it did. It was pretty funny and stopped and made a few frames for a couple minutes. I got some tight shots of just the animal then a few with the kid in it too. After I got my shots I go to get the kids name and find out what class the "goat" at least that's what I thought it was. Heck, I figured the third time's a charm right? So I go up, get the kid's name and say what kind of goat do you have? The kid's response... it's a fine wool lamb. THE DAMN THING HAD HORNS!!!!! I figured this time I'm gonna get it right... it's got horns, it a damn goat!! Oh well, that's why I always ask and check the spelling of every person's name when I get them.

Well, I've taken plenty of crap from this from friends and co-workers, but at least I got a photo I was happy with. Although next year when I shoot the stock show I think I'll stick to the rabbits, I'm 90% sure I know what a rabbit looks like!

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