Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yet another construction story...

One of the most ironic things about working for a newspaper is even when the story is about something NOT happening, you still have to find a photo of that going on. This photo was for a story about how new home building permits were at the lowest point since 1991, and locally, the news wasn't any better. So, what is my assignment? Go find someone building a new home, of course!
Well, luckily one of the editors told me where this house was being built, since when I was looking to do a story strikingly similar to this one last month I drove around for over an hours before I found a home being built, that someone was actually doing some work on. So, I show up to the house walk up and start talking to some of these guys. Now, the best part of going up to these guys and telling them who I am and what I'm doing, I ask "Hey guys, mind if I just get a few pictures of you guys working?" and this guy in the photo at the top responds with, "Sure I don't give a shit." Nice! thanks buddy.
Now, I'm happy with this photo, it turned out well for me, But, hopefully these construction photos will slow down for a while, I'm running out of different ways to shoot this!

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