Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shelby Millionaire...

Last Tuesday was draft day for major league baseball. Now, the day usually comes and goes around here without a whole lotta hoopla. We usually have a couple kids drafted, but usually it's someone from one of the local colleges, and when they do it's normally on the second day in an insignificant round. So, when Shelby Miller was projected to be a first round pick and possibly a top 10 pick, it was a pretty big deal. After we got down there we found out that one of the biggest problems was finding someone who got the MLB network, which was where the draft was being broadcast. It turned out one of the assistant coaches' mom was the only one and she was gracious enough to let in about 50 people, most of whom were strangers as well as local media.
I actually had other assignments in town before we left for Brownwood and showed up about 30 minutes late, luckily he didn't get taken yet. And then after we got there we waited... and waited. A lot of the mock drafts had him going with the 14th pick to the Texas Rangers. A pick I was kind of hoping to happen, not because I'm a Rangers fan, but so I'd hopefully get to see him pitch again. Instead, he went 19th to the Cardinals. His reaction wasn't that great, a lot of people cheered for him when his name was announced, but he kind of just sat there, I'm guessing he was a little stunned. Probably my favorite photo (top) was when the Kansas City Royals made their pick. Miller closed his eyes and covered his ears showing his hope that he would get passed over at least for one pick. It was pretty funny, especially considering our page designer who was doing that page is a Royals fan.

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