Monday, August 31, 2009

Moon Over Abilene...

As I was coming back from shooting a volleyball game out of town last Tuesday I noticed the moon was real big in the sky and this bright red color. I was just outside of Abilene and about to get off at my exit and figured it could make a really nice picture. As I was driving down the access road I saw one of the buildings at Abilene Christian University between some trees. I pulled off real quick. The building was probably a half mile or more away. Luckily I had my 400mm lens in the trunk. I pulled it out and put the teleconverter on. By this time the moon was dropping down pretty quickly. I was able to bang off about 15-20 frames before it dropped below the horizon. I was pretty happy with the shot, but would have liked to go back the next night to try to reshoot it. Sadly the sky was cloudy the next night and the moon was hidden.

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