Monday, August 17, 2009

Tour de Gap...

There aren't many things I don't mind rolling out of bed before 10am for. The Tour de Gap is one of the few. What made it worse this year is I went out the night before and played poker with some friends (I finished fourth, the top 3 were in the money!). So, getting up is hard enough working on only 4 hours of sleep is only worse.
Well after downing some carbonated caffeine during the 20 minute drive to Buffalo Gap I was feeling a little more awake once I got there. I try to get there about 20-30 minutes before the races start in hopes of finding some riders doing some prep work. This year wasn't as fruitful as in years past, but there is always plenty to shoot during the race.
The course changes every year, this year the 70 mile course had a big loop and another smaller loop to make up the course. As usual I rode with the rides on the full course, at least during the first loop. After that I went and hung out at the finish line. I'm glad I did leave early though, that's when I found the shot of the sheriff's deputy directing traffic as the riders came into Buffalo Gap. It added something nice that I hadn't found .

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zachgray said...

The top frame is absolutely fantastic. I'm glad you saw it, so that I could see it. Well done!