Sunday, August 30, 2009

PeeWee football...

Every year as a tie in to our football preview section we have some type of football story on the front page as a tie. This year it was a about youth football. A second youth league had formed after some financial scandals with the second one. So, the start of football season seemed the perfect time to do this story.
The peewee kids are actually kind of fun shoot shoot. Most of them are playing football either for the first or second year so they are still learning. But it is fun to watch them play because no matter how talented they are they always give every ounce of effort they have. Plus they look just plain out of place wearing those pads which are usually nearly as big as they are and they seem to get swallowed up by them.
The day I went out to shoot the story it was hot, as usual, but a storm was rolling in, so the clouds in the sky made things look pretty ominous. This actually turned out really well. The top photo is the one that ran big on the front page. I liked it because you could see how young these kids were but shooting low and wide still gave them that larger than life look and the clouds just added to it. As for the others I tried to just vary things up enough so you could see what was going on.
I had to shoot a team from both of the leagues. The problem with this was both teams were practicing on Wednesday from 6-8pm. And the practices were on opposite ends of town. So, the plan was to shoot one for about an hour and rush to the other park and shoot the other. The first one went well, but they weren't running any plays until the end of practice. So I had to shoot them running drills and warm-ups. The second team was running plays, but when I got there I only had about 30 minutes left. Luckily the practice ran a little over and I was able to get everything I needed.

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